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Urovo RT40

Industrial mobile computer

Super long-range scanning

Equipped with a unique super long-range scan engine, it can easily recognize high-shelf goods at a range of up to 15m. The professional scan engine supports international universal 1D/2D barcodes.

Cold resistance

RT40 is equipped with a professional anti-condensation screen. The screen and the scanning window are automatically heated at a low temperature. Even at minus 30°C, it can be used normally as room temperature.

Strong protection to gurantee security

It is dustproof and waterproof with a professional IP68 rating, and 1.8 m drop resistance.

Hot-swap battery

It supports hot-swap, so the battery can be replaced immediately without power-off, effectively protecting data and preventing the loss of important information. The 5200 mAh large-capacity battery supports quick charge, and can be fully charged in less than 3h.

Ultra high performance

It’s powered by Android 10 and is equipped with Octa-core CPU. The 13MP camera records on-site emergencies anytime and anywhere.

Super stable WiFi

With the built-in dual PA, Wi-Fi transmission range is longer, greatly reducing the enterprise’s network deployment costs. Its optimized Wi-Fi roaming, low time-delay of roaming switching and ultra-low packet loss rate keep devices online at any time to achieve real-time data intercommunication.

Urovo RT40
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Partcode Description
RT40-HSDQ4WNSEX1 RT40,EX30,4″,A10,4/64,WiFi,4G,5200mah, cold-chain,38-key,cable,PSU(EU),HS
RT40-HSDQ4WNSEX2 RT40,EX30,4″,A10,4/64,WiFi,4G,5200mah, cold-chain,38-key,gun-grip,cable,PSU(EU),HS
RT40-YSDQ4WNSEX1 RT40,6703,4″,A10,4/64,WiFi,4G,5200mah,cold-chain,38-key,cable,PSU(EU),HS
RT40-YSDQ4WNSEX2 RT40,6703,4″,A10,4/64,WiFi,4G,5200mah, cold-chain,38-key,gun-grip,cable,PSU(EU),HS
RT40-YSDQ4WNSEX3 RT40,6703,4″,A10,4/64,WiFi,4G,5200mah,29-key,cable,PSU(EU),HS
RT40-ZSDQ4WNSEX3 RT40,4850,4″,A10,4/64,WiFi,4G,5200mah,29-key,cable,PSU(EU),HS
RT40-ZSDQ4WNSEX4 RT40,4850,4″,A10,4/64,WiFi,4G,5200mah,29-key,gun-grip,cable,PSU(EU),HS