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Urovo DT50H

Medical mobile data terminal – Health guardian

Infrared body temperature measurement

Equipped with a medical-grade thermal infrared temperature measurement module, real-time accurate body temperature output; temperature compensation algorithm, accurate temperature measurement, and measurement error of merely ±0.3°C.

Antibacterial & sterilizable materials

The enclosure is made of antibacterial materials that meet the JISZ2801 standard, which means it withstands the conventional disinfection of common disinfectants and is resistant to alcohol wipes. By wiping the device, you can effectively prevent the spreading of bacterial infections.

Strong operational performance

Qualcomm octa-core high-speed processor, ultra-high operational speed, and ultra-low power consumption; ultra-strong antenna design, seamless WiFi roaming, all 4G networks, and uninterrupted data transmission.

Advanced largesize screen

The 5.7” large display helps medical staff obtain information efficiently. The high-sensitivity, super-bright touch screen is still clearly visible under strong light outdoors.

Built-in anti-pandemic registration app

The anti-pandemic registration software created by UROVO can be used for real-time infrared body temperature measurement and personnel information control, such as reading ID cards and taking photos. It can also record and export information such as personnel’s identity, body temperature and time at any time, so that the situation can be controlled.

Efficient voice intercom

A voice group can be quickly established through the built-in network voice intercom platform. Through the voice command service, the voice information is converted into text through one key, and is outputted to the application software via broadcasting to execute voice commands.

Device management tools

U-Home provides users with a series of convenient device management tools and bringing new impetus to work.

Urovo DT50H
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