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Urovo DT50

With DT50, anything is possible


– High-performance octa-core processor

– Android 9.0

– Up to 6+128 GB memory

5.7″ bezel-less display

Large 2.5D bezel-less display, full HD resolution, visible even under strong outdoor sunlight. High-sensitivity touch screen for uninterrupted operation with gloves, wet hands, or a touch pen in any weather.

Multi-channel transmission, message transmitted in a second

2×2 Mu-MIMO multi-channel input/output. All 4G network and VoLTE. Low power consumption BT5.0

Professional scan engine

Millisecond response for reading 1D/2D codes quickly even when worn, wrinkled, warped, curled, ripped, stained, or damaged.

Quick charge

4300mAh replaceable battery that lasts 8-12h. Supports quick charge to be fully charged within 3h.

IP67 sealing Corning glass casing to provide you with the strongest protection

Dustproof, 1m waterproof, and 1.5 drop test passed.

NFC module

Support NFC module for more card swiping applications


Multiple versions available: 3D camera version, RFID version, and optical fingerprint version

Multiple options of accessories to overcome more challenges easily

Ergonomical trigger handle. International safety-certified fingerprint module. High-performance long distance RFID gun gripe.

Urovo MDM and MAM

UROVO has developed a complete set of devicde management tools, including MDM, MAM, KMS etc.

Urovo DT50
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Partcode Description
DT50-10GJ2WNSEX6 DT50G,2030,5,7″,A9,4/64,WiFi,4G,3Dcamera,4300mAH, cable,PSU(EU),HS
DT50-1SGJ4WLDEX0 DT50U,2030,5,7″,A9,4/64,WiFi,4G,LR-UHF,9000mAH, cable,PSU(EU)
DT50-1SGJ4WNSEX0 DT50,2030,5,7″,A9,4/64,WiFi,4G,4300mah, cable,PSU(EU), HS
DT50-E0GJ2WNSEX5 DT50G,6603,5,7″,A9,4/64,WiFi,4G,3Dcamera,4300mAH, cable,PSU(EU),HS
DT50-EQGJ4WSSEX0 DT50D,6603,5,7″,A9,4/64,WiFi,4G,NR-UHF,4300mAH, cable,PSU(EU)
DT50-ESGJ4WLDEX0 DT50U,6603,5,7″,A9,4/64,WiFi,4G,LR-UHF,9000mAH, cable,PSU(EU)
DT50-XQGJ4WNSEX0 DT50Q,No2D,5,7″,A9,4/64,WiFi,4G,4300mAH,cable,PSU(EU),HS
DT50-XSGJ4WNSEX0 DT50,No2D,5,7″,A9,4/64,WiFi,4G,4300mah, cable,PSU(EU), HS
DT50-YQGJ4WNSEX0 DT50Q,6703,5,7″,A9,4/64,WiFi,4G,4300mAH,cable,PSU(EU), HS
DT50-YQGJ4WNSEX7 DT50UWB,6703,5,7″,A9,4/64,WiFi,4G,4300mAH,UBW tag, cable,PSU(EU)
DT50-YSGJ4WNSEX0 DT50,6703,5,7″,A9,4/64,WiFi,4G,4300mah, cable,PSU(EU), HS
DT50-YSGJ4WNSEX6 DT50H,6703,5,7″,A9,4/64,WiFi,4G,4300mah, Ethanol-safe, cable,PSU(EU),HS