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Unitech WD200

3.1″ Wearable Computer

Unitech wearable devices improve productivity in retail, e-commerce, warehousing, transportation, logistics, communication gateway and shipping yard markets. Whether you are looking for an in-shop assistant or an advanced picking solution, our wearable devices allow users to work hands-free while still accessing or collecting the required data and files.

The Unitech WD200 is a 3.1″ Android 10 smart wearable device with GMS certification. Despite its compact size (96.7mm x 60.7mm x 14.43mm) this device integrates a snappy Qualcomm 660 Octa-core 64bits 2.2 GHz processor. It features a 3.1″ (800 x 480) sunlight readable bright (450nits) capacitive touch screen. The 2050mAh battery provides the flexibility to work through the day as it supports up to 11 hours of battery life.

The WD200 integrates a 13MP camera with auto-focus and built-in flashlight, this gives the flexibility to capture barcodes (for occasional use) and to capture photos as proof of delivery. In case you require advanced data collection capabilities, you can easily combine the WD200 with one of our featured Unitech ring scanners (1D or 2D) and both hands can remain free during work without interfering with the workflow.

The weight of only 110g, makes the WD200 the lightest wearable computer in its class. With optional accessories it is even possible to wear it on your wrist, to clip the WD200 on a belt or to carry it on your neck by a lanyard. You can attach and remove the WD200 unit in a few seconds.

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Unitech WD200
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