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Toshiba 5 Inch Thermal Transfer Paper Labels

5 Inch Outer Diameter Labels

Thermal Transfer printing uses heat to transfer an image using an ink ribbon onto a label. Heat from the Printhead melts the ink on the ribbon which is then deposited onto the label surface to create the image. Thermal Transfer labels can last for up to and over a year or more depending on the material used.

Should you require a label size not listed below contact us on 0844 472 0405

Toshiba 5 Inch Thermal Transfer Paper Labels
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Partcode Description
L00272-125 57mm x 32mm TT,LPR=2100,5"OD/1" inner,12RPB,Perm
L00273-205 76mm x 51mm TT,LPR=1370,5"OD/1" inner,12RPB,Perm
L00274-155 102mm x 38mm TT,LPR=1790,5"OD/1" inner,12RPB, Perm
L00274-305 102mm x 76mm TT,LPR=930,5"OD/1" inner,12RPB,Perm
L00274-405 102mm x 102mm TT,LPR=700,5"OD/1" inner,12RPB,Perm
L00274-505 102mm x 127mm TT,LPR=1154,5"OD/1" inner,12RPB,Perm
L00274-605 102mm x 152mm TT,LPR=475,5"D/1" inner,12RPB,Perm
L007201-T 51mm x 25mm TT, LPR= 2580,5" OD/1" inner, 8RPB, Perm
L007202-T 57mm x 51mm TT,LPR=1370,5"OD/1" inner,12RPB,Perm
L007204-T 57mm x 102mm TT,LPR=700,5"OD/1" inner,12RPB,Perm