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Sonim RS80

Fully-Rugged Smartscanner

The Sonim RS80 is a fully-rugged, 8” SmartScanner that’s waterproof, dust proof, drop proof, chemical resistant and built to withstand harsh working conditions. With the glove-friendly touchscreen, high-capacity multi-shift battery and integrated barcode scanner, it’s the perfect device for use in warehouses, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, as well as field service and public safety.

The RS80’s powerful, integrated barcode scanner is capable of fast and reliable scans that can even read worn tags with ease, delivering enterprise-level scanning in virtually any condition. It also features front and rear facing cameras to provide the convenience of taking photos and video calls while on the job.

As Sonim’s most durable tablet, the RS80 is completely dust proof and waterproof, making it easy to clean and disinfect. There’s also a sunlight readable and glove-friendly touchscreen made from Gorilla Glass 3 that remains precise and responsive, even with wet fingers.

When it comes to battery life, the Sonim RS80 delivers with all day performance. The high-capacity multi-shift battery is user replaceable, which is more convenient and faster than servicing a built-in battery.

The Sonim RS80 is also ultra-fast and ultra-reliable thanks to a GMS enabled Android 10 OS and high-bandwidth 4G LTE connectivity

Download Sonim RS80 Fully-Rugged SmartScanner Tablet Brochure (2 MB) (2.0 MB) Download Sonim RS80 Fully-Rugged SmartScanner Tablet Datasheet (338 KB) (338 KB)
Sonim RS80
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