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Functional and reliable cash registers

BIG PLUS are Custom’s newborn cash registers. Thanks to the new processors used, they combine the aesthetic and functional advantages of the BIG family with modern, low power consumption technologies. The BIG PLUS cash registers have been designed to provide the greatest user-friendliness with unique performances that make it functional and reliable. Equipped with embedded 58 mm thermal printer, keyboard with 40 customizable keys and backlit blue graphic display (2×20 characters operator/customer) BIG PLUS are capable of printing graphic logos on header and footer and are approved for printing negative receipts (returns) and for printing invoices directly on the receipt.


  • 40 keys alphanumeric embedded keyboard
  • Embedded operator and customer LCD backlit displays, with 2 lines x 20 characters
  • Embedded 58mm printer with easy paper loading
  • Electronic journal on MultiMediaCard/SD
  • Size: 248mm x 246mm x 100mm
  • User-friendly paper roll replacement system
  • Receipts with tax ID
  • Approved for negative receipts (returns)
  • Graphic logo on the receipt (header and footer)
  • Approved for invoice printing on fiscal receipt
  • PC connection
  • Fiscal, financial,statistical and historical reports
  • Customizable receipt graphics
  • Operating temperatures from 0° at +45°
  • One dedicated drawer port (6 Volts)
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